Episode 145: Ghost Dogs & Shadow Men

There's nothing quite like a sweet, spooky story about our furry best friends being ok in the afterlife and that's exactly how we bookend this show. Between those stories, we're visited by shadow men, phantom footsteps, and a particularly unnerving news story from Ireland that will stop Bren from sleeping for a long, long time.

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Story Time Codes

Ghost Dog, from Terri (26:18)

A Visiting Shadow, from Lee (35:04)

He Walks At Night, from Angel (41:30)

Bourbon Street, from Therese (59:41)

The Watcher in the Dark, from Gabe (1:05:18)

Coming Home, from Darlene (1:17:43)

Media Mentioned

Man Vs. Bigfoot [movie]

Shadow People: Out of the Darkness [movie]

Exists [movie]

The Found Footage Phenomenon [movie]

Irish News Link: https://www.dublinlive.ie/news/dublin-news/womans-terrifying-ordeal-after-hearing-25006288

Weird, Together funny trailers: https://youtube.com/playlist?list=PL9pl9TlWPsNehjidXOull-NmIAee12nB1

Music on This Episode:

Main Theme: "Radio (Into the Darkness We Go)" by Podzontommusic

Stories Theme: "The Future Belongs to Them Now" by Hexxagram

Bumpers: "They Walk" by Rainy Days For Ghosts

"Radio", & "The Future Belongs to Them Now" are used with permission. All other music is composed by Rainy Days For Ghosts.

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